COVID - 19 - Maximum Prices: Extension of Resolution 100/2020


Maximum Prices: Extension of Resolution 100/2020

Through Resolution No. 133/2020, the Secretary of Domestic Trade extended once again the provisions of Resolution 100/2020, this time until June 30, 2020. Resolution 100/2020 established the obligation for all members of the value chain of a large number of mass consumer goods to set prices as those in force at March 6, 2020 and required them to increase production to the maximum of their installed capacity and to arbitrate the measures conducive to guarantee its transportation and provision.

On the other hand and following the provisions of Resolution 126/2020, it was established that all the presentations made within the framework of Resolution No. 100/20 and its amendments must be submitted through the "Distance Procedures" (TAD) online platform.

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