COVID - 19 - Prescription of Pharmaceutical Drugs


Prescription of Pharmaceutical Drugs


Resolution No. 696/2020

By Resolution No. 696/2020, published on April 1st, 2020, the Ministry of Health, as an exceptional measure, authorized the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs -as detailed in Lists III and IV of Law No. 19,303 (Drugs)- or medicine for patients under treatment for oncologic or non-communicable chronic diseases, and any other medicinal drug -excluding narcotics- sold under prescription, through a text message or message sent through web messaging applications, e-mail or fax, within the framework of the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine measures and while the quarantine established by Decree No. 297/2020 remains in force.

The conditions and procedure for prescribing and providing these drugs through the authorized means set in this measure are available (only in Spanish) here; and the pharmaceutical drugs detailed in Lists III and IV of Law No. 19,303 are available (only in Spanish) here.


Resolution No. 281/2020


By Resolution No. 281/2020, published on April 2nd, 2020, the Argentine Superintendency of Health Services ordered that during the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine established by Decree No 297/20 Health Insurance Agents registered in the National Health Insurance Registry and Prepaid Medicine Entities registered in the National Prepaid Medical Care Registry shall adopt the relevant measures to guarantee the supply of pharmaceutical drugs for chronic diseases to its beneficiaries,  ensuring that the delivery of these drugs exceeds their ordinary periods of delivery, in order to prevent visits by those beneficiaries to pharmacies.

For this purpose, all those prescriptions for drugs for chronic diseases will be understood to be automatically extended for the aforementioned period (and, if applicable, extended further), until 30 days after it expires. The extension will be of exceptional and exclusive application for those patients who do not have modifications prescribed to their therapeutic scheme.