COVID - 19 - Formalities at a Distance Platform


Formalities at a Distance Platform

Resolution 269/2020

 By Resolution 269/2020 of the Superintendence of Health Services, published on March 27, 2020, Health Insurance Agents and Prepaid Medicine Entities included in Laws No. 23,660 (Health Insurance), 23,661 (National Health Insurance System) and 26,682 (Prepaid Medicine) must within 48 hours from the publication of the resolution carry out the registration in the Formalities at a Distance Platform, under the penalty to continue the registration  procedure without their participation or that of their representative, or to provide for the expiration of the procedure (Article 20 of the Regulations on Administrative Procedures, Decree No. 1759/72) without prejudice of the indictment of the infringers, if applicable.

The instructions for registering users and setting up an electronic address on the Platform are available (only in Spanish) here.