COVID - 19 - Critical supplies


Critical supplies

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Production Development issued Joint Resolution 1/2020 through which it is established that certain medical supplies shall be considered "critical health supplies" as they are essential to fight the pandemic, which are detailed in this link.

Production, distribution and marketing companies are requested to increase the production, distribution and marketing of these supplies to the maximum of their installed capacity, and to take appropriate actions to ensure their distribution and provision to the population and health entities.

Health entities shall have priority to acquire these supplies.

Companies must inform the enforcement authority, every five days, the quantity of goods produced, marketed and who were their recipients. Likewise, producing companies must also inform their production plan for the following three months.

Failure to comply with the provisions entails the sanctions provided by the supply law (fines of up to AR$10,000,000, closures and disqualifications).

Our opinion:

As the quarantine period passes, the Argentine Government is taking care of other essential aspects related to the health emergency, such as the proper provision of essential products, in this case, medical supplies. This seeks to mitigate situations of shortages and scarcity of health goods considered critical to fight the spread of the virus. The intervention aims at ensuring the production and main destination of these supplies during the health emergency.