In order to prevent Covid-19, the Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission (CNV) has adopted a series of measures regarding the public attention and the holding of annual meetings approving financial statements of the issuers.


Virtual Reception Desk


The closing of the in-person service of the reception desk was arranged, enabling a virtual reception desk. Any submission to the CNV may be filed via e-mail to: [email protected].

Likewise, the CNV enabled specific email boxes to make submissions to the different areas (“gerencias”).

Those who request to have access to proceedings must request the presence of a professional in the area.


Annual Meetings


In the case of those issuers that, due to the number of attendees and/or due to the characteristics of the meeting, consider that they will not be able to carry out the meeting due to the mandatory isolation measures decreed by the national government, the CNV will grant them, exceptionally, an extension to the four-month period from the closing date of the fiscal year for the holding of the meeting that considers the financial statements for said fiscal year.


In such sense, the issuers must inform to [email protected] the impediments and make a founded request, so that it is immediately merited by the CNV for definition.

For further information, please contact María Victoria Funes and/or María Victoria Tuculet.